How To Avoid Internet Dating/Marriage Scams

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No one would like to fall victim of a scam, yet everyday the number of people who have fallen into it is growing at an alarming rate. The Internet has become the most powerful medium that scammers utilize to swindle people. You can search the word scam or fraud in Google and you’ll be surprised of the long list from African inheritance scams to multi-level marketing and Internet dating/marriage scams.

As the number of frauds and scams grow by the number, more and more people are becoming susceptible to it. Amazingly, the methods employed by these scammers have tremendously improved over the past two years, which makes their scams even more appealing to people.

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Why have scammers and frauds invested in marriage/dating sites?

Psychologically speaking, emotions are the strongest driving force that is capable of blinding people from being reasonable and logical. Do you still remember how you were willing to do anything for someone you love? When you are in love to someone, you become determined to do whatever it takes to be with her/him. Scammers, realizing what love can do to a person; try to invest on this very weakness.

Who are these scammers or frauds?

Scammers or frauds can be virtually anyone. In the case of Internet dating/marriage services, they could be the persons featured on the site or a different person in the guise of being someone else or they could be the webmasters (person/persons who operate the website) themselves.

Below are the three most important things to remember in order to avoid being scammed while searching for a soul mate in the Internet. Once you follow these three rules, you are ensured of sufficient protection from frauds and scams.

3 Most Important Rules to Remember in Order to Avoid Scams and Frauds

1. Never get “Money” involved in any of your transactions.

Avoid dating websites that require you to pay or donate money in order to obtain contact details of the person you are interested in. Never pay for registration to any dating websites as well. These payments are a waste of your resource and time for there is no assurance whatsoever given in exchange for your payment.

The bottom line, what ever you do to search for a partner in life or online, NEVER EVER PAY for any services. Not that there are no credible dating/marriage websites/agencies but this is the best way to avoid scams and frauds. Remember that the usual incentive or motive of these scammers is your MONEY! Without giving them incentives/motives, there is no reason for them to exist.

2. Never give information about yourself.

There have been several cases of people who were scammed simply because they have given full and accurate information about themselves, namely; full name, address, telephone number, bank account and details about families, friends and relatives. These information are the most valuable tools that scammers use to effectively scam you. By not giving them the tools/information they need, you make them incapable of scamming people including yourself.

3. Remain skeptical.

Being skeptical, though may be perceived as offensive by other people, is another powerful armor against scams or frauds.What does it takes to be skeptical? Be logical, be reasonable and use your common sense. The reason why our brains are located higher than our hearts is for us to put logic above our emotions.

For instance, you met a lady from a dating website for whom you found yourself madly in love with. Because of the distance between the two of you, she requested that you subsidize her travel expense so that you can finally see each other in person. What are you going to do? Are you going to jump immediately into giving her what she asked for? Be skeptical!

Prevention is better than cure

When we are sick, we seek the service of a doctor. We incur expenses, which in the first place could have been avoided if we were able to prevent the occurrence of the sickness or if we were able to diagnose it in its early stage. Cancer for instance is best treated when diagnosed at its early stage. Similarly, being scammed is best avoided when detected early on before it even materializes. If you are suspicious about anyone you meet on an Internet dating site, hire a professional like Funderburk Investigative Services to do a thorough background check.

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