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By Charles Montgomery

In this day and age it is important to know who your future spouse really is. Everyone should perform a background investigation regardless of how well you know each other. How many stories do you hear where a woman is murdered by her husband only to find out later that one of his previous wives mysteriously died. Private Investigators perform thousands of these investigations every year. It is a very common practice and not a matter of distrust or disloyalty. It is a safe way to go.

Some of the things that you can uncover in your investigation with relative ease are previous marriages bankruptcies, criminal records, as well as civil records. Obviously criminal records and civil records are the most important facts you will want to uncover during your investigation.
How do you perform the investigation? Well you need to know the previous counties in which your future spouse lived. If you know your spouse well enough to think about marriage, chances are you know the counties where they have lived.




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Criminal Records

You can investigate criminal records from the county clerk of the county. Most states and counties are putting their records online so it is not too difficult to find these records. Search google for the court system of the counties your future spouse lived in. It might take a few minutes to navigate the web portals, but you should be able to find whether your lover has a criminal record.

If the county is not up to date and online you have to do some old fashioned private investigation work. You need to call the county clerk, give them the name DOB and SSN of your lover. They can send you the files if there are any. This might cost you a $5 to $10 fee from the court. Do this for each county and you can get a good idea of whether or not your lover is a criminal.

Civil Records

Civil cases are a lot easier to investigate. Usually a name and DOB can get you information on civil cases. You want to include civil investigations in your overall investigation to see if your lover has any judgments issued against them.

If the counties they lived in are online – again search google- Enter the portal and enter the Name. You should get a list of files of people with that name. You can then narrow the list down to see if anyone on the list is your lover.

You can perform your background check using this method, but there is an easier way. That is, let the pros do it so nothing falls through the cracks. Private investigator fees are way to expensive when there is an alternative solution.

I have been able to partner up with a vendor who will let my customers perform unllimited background checks for one very low price. They will get you a complete background check by checking previous addresses for you.

Charles Montgomery is a licensed private investigator who runs a private investigation advice blog at  His site empowers the general public with the knowledge only private investigators have.


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